Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Gram was right!

As I was going about my daily farm chores my mind took me back to when I was younger and I started to remember the old stories that my grandmother had told. I remember listening contently to the same stories over and over.
My Grandmother lived in a mining town in upper state Pa.Back in those days when the miners were hurt, they were brought home and put in there own bed. Thats where I learned as soon as your feet hit the floor,"your bed got made".My Grandfather worked the mines starting at the age of 10, no schooling - had to help out with his family. He was the one that dragged the mules out of the mines. Back in those days the mules were worked to death. He also sent the canaries down into the mine and if the canaries flew back - it was safe enough to send the men down. OK now I'm rambling - getting back to my grandmother. I remember her saying over and over when she could remember buying a loaf of bread for $.05. Now bread is well over (Store bought) $2.00 and I say to myself "I remember when". There are somethings I just really can't understand today - maybe its age but***
when did a pound of coffee become 13oz? Or here in Maine at our local store a 5# bag of sugar become 4#? Icecream is no longer a Half Gallon,Or is it my imagination even the containers are smaller and the price is higher????? Maybe its my age or eye sight but I say to you "I remember when"
Give me your thoughts on this topic :)

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  1. Oh it`s not your age or eyesight! I can recall things being alot less expensive when I was younger too.


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