Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fall is here in Maine

Well the trees are changing colors and the beautiful orange glows are coming thru the windows here. Its time to start wrapping things up here, believe it or not we have had snow here in October. It tends to make you move a little faster thinking about it. We got 3 cords of wood this year which is now stacked with the one cord left over from last year. We have already had the fire place going 3 nights in a row so you see it can be quite nippy here at night.
All the baby goats have been sold for this year, keeping two out of the eleven born here on the farm - the two should be a great addition to our milk maids.
The hens went into moult early this year, so we have been getting eggs here and there. I try to give the girls, a pep talk every morning but so far has'nt worked.
Our latest news is in about two weeks I'm going to go and pick up a Mini Horse. I have named her Samantha "Sammy" born April 24, 2010. She really is a pretty little thing and will be a wonderful addition to our farm.

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