Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fall is in the air!!!

Well its cold and rainy here In Maine - fireplace going just to keep the dampness out! The girls (Does) of course are complaining cause heaven for bid their hair gets wet! The bucks are the smarter of them all, warm and cozy inside. Chickens are soaked,for some reason the hens really don't care about the weather (we all should be that non-caring). Today cleaning stalls, water buckets etc. Mainer"s this time of year move a little bit quicker cause we know whats around the corner - One year we had snow fall on Halloween! I felt bad for the little trick or treaters. Well off to the barn I go :)

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  1. Enjoy caring for your animals,it's late evening here and all animals are sleeping already,exept the horses,some dozing of and some are staring into the house waiting for one last titbit..


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