Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Its that time!

Here in Maine its still very cold - nights can drop to -6 or lower but it does not stop us from moving forward. Its that time again, middle of February when we start planning the garden. Maine has a very short growing season so its time to get the seeds and start planting indoors. Seedlings should be ready to get into the ground by May 31st. I will post some good seed companies next post. Most of the seeds that I buy have been tested for the northern climate.
Also I was talking to a young Mother today, she she had asked me how and what I do to tighten my belt. The first thing that I thought that she could do for her family was to purchase some chicks (hens) in the spring. The truly are very easy to take care of and supplying fresh eggs is not only more healthy for the family it can also save some money. You know where they have come from, you know what they were fed. I told her small steps. Plant the garden, bring in some chicks and in the Fall I shall teach her how to Can her bounty.


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