Thursday, August 26, 2010

I'm sorry - I just had to chuckle

First let me start out by saying "Pat your a very sweet women and a great trooper"
As I was going about doing my farm chores this morning, the goats were bleeting very loudly. So I took a peek to see what they were doing and noticed a black hummer coming into the driveway. My first reaction was "Oh Dear!" First of all anyone that farms usually don't get a shower till after the chores are done, but anyway I greeted her at the gate and she explained that she was from out of town and saw the sign saying The Village Haven Farm and thought that she'd stop and see what I was offering. WELL!She seen the baby goats and of course being bottle fed,(this crew) wanted attention. She asked if it was ok to go into the pens.(oh Boy)I said that was fine, but keep in mind for the pass 24hrs we got well deserved rain and this lovely lady was in a silk blouse and a skirt! Well in she went and yes, you guessed it! They were all over her and believe it or not she laughed and laughed.After awhile she came out and asked me if the two littlest ones were for sale. As I was talking to her I felt something in my boot (of course it was a nanny berry! )Not the first time nor the last.
Well anyway about an hour ago - My (2) sweet little babies left in the back seat of a black hummer! Who knew!

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  1. Hello! I`m so glad you found my blog and that I found yours!

    Nothing like finding good homes for our kids...goat kids that is, or the feel of a nanny berry in our boots!


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