Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Bucks get a bad rap

I was thinking while I was cleaning and haying the bucks pen this morning, watching them play and come up to me just to get a head rub, why does everyone (almost)say "I don't want to keep a buck on my farm". Well let me explain a few things and I can only speak to my farm. Bucks to me are more loving and attentive than the does. Yes they do smell like musk when they are in rut, but that is only for about 2-3 months - the rest of the time they smell like any other goat. The reason why they smell during rut is that they will pee on themselves (goat perfume) to attract the does and if the does are in heat believe you will know. Now don't get me wrong, when the boys are in rut they will butt heads with each other, bang each other sometimes so hard I swear they will come thru the door! But if you can put up with this for a wee while, Bucks are very much worth keeping.

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