Monday, February 7, 2011

"Oh how I wish"

I always feel so bad when I can't blog like everyone else, If I only could wish for maybe an extra hour or two in a day but then again it would probably be used else where (Sorry)
Well our snow fall started on Halloween this year and it does not seem as if were going to catch a break. The weather man said so far this season we have gotten a little over 74" of snow. Nine of those winter days have been below Zero and two nights hit -13 sooooooooooooo - ya know what I have been doing.
I love raising all my critters and tending to the farm but with 5 seasons (yes I said 5) Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter and yes MUD! It makes for long days to get chores done.
In the winter we have to snow blow paths down to the stalls so the goats and the horse can play - we also make paths for the chickens so they can soak up the sun. We carry about 8-10 buckets of hot water a day to all the critters. I was once asked "Why not use the electric buckets" I said fear of fire - A neighbor used them and lost all their livestock because of one. I love my little ones too much to take the chance so yes I lug water.
All the does are bred so starting in March thru June (6 does in all) we should have babies running around, so I will post pictures as soon as they start arriving.
Well I must go back to chipping ice, so stay warm.

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